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Palin's "Refudiate" named Word of the Year | Video Cafe

Palin's "Refudiate" named Word of the Year | Video Cafe

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Gayest Jap in Seattle Goes Home to JapLand.

Well, they fucked him. Immigration and the economy. The Japanese are an interesting people, and very "goal oriented". My friend Tsumotsu (who I had since affectionately dubbed "the gayest Jap in Spokane") had known since he was a child, he wanted to be an architect, and that he was most likely homosexual. Japan is very conservative, so while he felt he could never "come out" and be gay in Japan, he scrimped and saved every penny (yen?) to come to America to complete his education in architecture, and to live out his (fantasy?) life as a happy healthy openly gay man in The United States of America.

When we met, I'll never forget it.., it was a "cruisy area" here in Spokane (he had gone online and researched what is a cruisy area..), and where most people want a quick handjob or something equally as anonymously intimate.., he just wanted me (someone, anyone) to hug him. He'd never been hugged by anyone (other than parents who didn't like to show affection, "taboo.."). He'd never had sex with a person either, but that came later.., he just wanted to be hugged. My heart simply melted. Here was this beautiful young Japanese man, 29.., and never been hugged. "Hug me. Hug me..".
I wanted to cry.

He was very shy but I kept conveniently "running into" him at the cruisy area. He was afraid of me at first, he didn't know if I was a stalker or what (haha!), but frankly, I was concerned about him, concerned that he was so knew, so naive.., not even knowing "the language" very well (at all), and what if he should run into the wrong person (or people) and harm should befall him, what if he contracts a disease he has no idea about.. what if what if what if? I didn't know the guy, but I already felt like "a mother" to him.

I'd gained his confidence and invited him over, then a few times more. Then he moved right in. We had an interesting relationship for 2 years (I became his mother, lover, English teacher and sole protector..), till he finished his schooling (a masters in architecture), and sent out apps all across the country looking to apply his education into a career. There was nothing for him here in Spokane (of course). He landed a job with a good firm in Seattle. And so he moved away. It was SO SAD. We both cried for months (I know this by our communications both over the phone and in the chat, how we would usually end with one or the other not being able to speak). He pleaded with me to move to Seattle, but being in my advanced age (just under 50ish..), I wasn't going to start all over again in Seattle, besides I had just several years earlier, gotten my own business off the ground (PC consulting) and didn't want to just throw all that out the window...

So here we are now (a couple years later), the (US & the world) economy has tanked. Everyone is laying off. People aren't buying things. And (new) construction has come to a crashing halt as well. Tsumotsu gets laid off from his job. No business... Per his US Visa, he has to maintain a job in the field he has gone to school for, and if not, must return home to Japan. He's been fucked by the situation not of his own making, but by the policies of the Bush Administration (as has most of the modern world). Bent over and fucked all the way home to JapLand. My dear friend Tsumotsu, coming to America with hopes of "The American Dream", to live his life freely & openly as a gay man and to make a good career for himself, is being forced to go home, back to his closet, and life undetermined as of now. Its so sad. I lay the blame solely at the feet George W Bush, without who's policies the (whole) world would NOT be the fucked up place it is now. This man has done more damage to the world as a whole than anyone since WW2, some nut from Germany with one testicle and a deep hatred for Jews could only hope for such mayhem & mass destruction... Goodbye Tom and good luck. Keep in touch, my comrade.., and hey, thanks George, thanks for nothing. You fucker.

(photo: Tom & Presley in our home just before he moved to Seattle, May '06)

Another One Bites the Dirt (or where's the beef "been"?).

I drove by the other day (in my travels) and noticed a sign that simply said CLOSED and what appeared to be black plastic bags covering all the windows.., they finally shut down the AC. I've been wondering for the past couple years, "how long..?".

Its a shame. I started eating at ACs back in "the old country" (Lewis/Clark valley). When I moved to Spokane, I rapidly became a regular at the only one in town, just off of downtown and not far from where I lived. The food was so reasonable, and so "decent" as to even suggest bringing a prospective date or 3 there on a nice afternoon to enjoy a delicious Mushroom Burger and one of their wonderful milkshakes, so thick & rich they served them with a spoon. The shakes were like a tub of soft-serve ice cream (similar to the chemical concoction but still quite tasty Frostys at a place named W's..), absolutely delicious.

Then things started to slide. The food became spotty, and the employees, even spottier. The past several years it appeared they would only hire (on purpose??) the rejects other places like McD's and W's would send down the street. Nothing resembling a work uniform, the employees dressed in street clothes (ratty torn T-shirts emblazened with punk graffiti, etc..) and it seemed having "face holes" (as many piercings as one could garner on one face) a prerequisite for hire. Several times over the past few years, I'd actually go in, look at the employees, and leave.

The last time I was there was nearly a year ago (a craving for the addictive shakes..), I'd ordered a burger of some sort, fries and a large chocolate shake. The counter person was dirty. I mean, filthy. Looked as if he hadn't bathed or changed clothes in a few days, was wearing some dirty ripped punk T-shirt, had huge holes in his earlobes (so big a quarter could easily slip thru..), and numerous spikes (facial piercings) sticking out from all over his face. He was mopping the floor behind the counter when I came in, about 2 in the afternoon. I placed my order, he set down the mop and took my money. He then went to make my shake (no gloves, no hand-washing between mopping and handling money or food). His hands were visibly blackened with filth and grime. He finished my shake, went back to mop a little more, took another order, handled a little more money and another person's food... When my order was ready, he scooped up some fries into a little bag, put my burger and fries in a sack and handed me my shake. I stood there looking at him, almost dumbfounded.

"Don't you know anything about food handling and germs & disease and food-born illnesses? Where are your gloves? How come you don't wash your hands between mopping, taking money and handling food..?" He stood there looking at me incredulously, like "I" had a problem... I turned to walk out the door (leaving the food I had paid for laying on the counter), he says "Hey what about your food??". I said "You eat it, you touched it". I never went back. Sad, and so unfortunate.

When you eat out, you seldom know what you're really getting, this was obvious. "A dirty-mop burger and fries".

On a related subject, another place I will never eat again.., a place with a name that sounds like "a Hot Carl" (similar to a Dirty Sanchez, not to be confused with a Dirty Rodruigez). They came to town about 10 years ago, and EVERYONE who ate at the one downtown during their grand opening (including myself), HAD TO GO TO THE HEALTH CLINIC FOR A HEPATITIS SHOT. I never went back. I did go back a couple months ago. Big mistake. I'd went in and ordered some super-duper extreme burger, fries and a shake to go. As I waited for my food, I sat back near the entrance to the work area. Peering into the backroom, it was FILTHY. The employees milling about the kitchen area, looked FILTHY, no one had a uniform on that appeared to have been washed in weeks?? I just about got up and left, it was disgusting. Then they called my name, my food was done. I'd spent 10 bucks on the order so I thought I might as well take it home, eat it and try not to think about the filthy kitchen and grimy employees.

I AM NOT PRONE TO COLD SORES. But, within 2 days of eating at "Hot Carl's", I had a big infectious cold sore on my lip. Hmm, I wonder where that came from..? I hadn't "been" with anyone, hadn't been ill.., was feeling fine, eat at Hot Carl's and get a big fucking cold sore on my lip. Ten years prior, the last time I ate there, I had to get a hepatitis shot. I don't think I'll be back.

HOT CARL'S (Home of The Dirty Sanchez, Hepatitis, and the famous Cold-Sore Burger Deluxe..?)

Occasionally I eat at a place named for "royalty" with an embarassingly stupid ad campaign involving a monarch with a big rubber head (I like their burgers named euphemistically after The Whopper in my pants), and even though the employees often have more pimples than should be allowed on any one given human, at least I've never actually gotten ill there.. (yet).

Tuesday Morning Horror Show.

5:00am can't sleep and 3 degrees outside. Ugh (and brrrrr).

A Divinity of Celestial Origin...

"The mythmakers of antiquity considered the penis to be a separate living entity, apart from the human body, and treated it as a divinity of celestial origin."
_Mark Thorn, Taboo No More (1990)

I Don't Like Movies With Animals That Can Talk.

Being a realist, I'm not really into sci-fi, fantasy, cartoons or movies with animals that talk. Why? Because animals don't talk (especially perfect English). I much prefer a good plot over million dollar special effects. If a movie has a good story line and actors that can act, that's all it should need. Special effects are OK sometimes when in context (not just to prop-up shitty plots or bad acting).

A couple interesting flicks for one reason or another..,
in no particular order...
Borat, Dr Strangelove (or how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb), Naked Lunch, Spinal Tap, Pink Flamingos (and Female Trouble), The Exorcist, Caligula, La Cage Aux Folles, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Blue Velvet, The Matrix, Torch Song Trilogy, Mommy Dearest, 12 Monkeys, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolfe, Casino, The Godfather, GoodFellas, Lolita, The People vs Larry Flynt, American Beauty, Fight Club, Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Good the Bad & the Ugly, Clockwork Orange, Natural Born Killers, Psycho (original), Easy Rider, Pulp Fiction, Taxi Driver (you talkin' to MEEE?), Crimes of Passion, The Wrath of Khan, Paris Trout, Animal House, Elephant Man, Silence of the Lambs, Harold and Maude, Deliverance, In the Heat of the Night, The Truman Show, Being There, the original Pink Panther movies, Looking for Mr Goodbar, The Bride of Frankenstein, The Eyes of Tammy Faye, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, A Face in the Crowd, Zeitgeist, Zelig, Salo (120 Days of Sodom), The Cook The Thief His Wife & Her Lover, The Wizard of Oz, 1984 (1956), or just about anything with Woody Harrelson, Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Jack Nicholson, Peter Sellers or Divine.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Welcome to Spokane, Part Two.

This lovely artifact can be found right at the bottom of the hill 3 minutes from downtown Spokane, at the entrance to one of 2 parks (Highbridge and People's). This sign, ignored by city crews and the Parks and Recreation Department, has been "as is", as of today.., for about oh, 4 or 5 months. As you can tell by the previous post.., Spokane loves its Homos. Welcome to Spokane.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

One Man's Art is Another Man's Death Threat.

A Warm Welcome to Spokane.

This festive holiday greeting has been proudly displayed at the north entrance to Highbridge Park, just immediately west of beautiful downtown Spokane Washington.., for as of today, well over a week now. Obviously no one at City Hall seems to care, let alone the Parks & Recreation Dept. Typical. Notice the bridge off in the distance, part of the world-famous annual Bloomsday Run... The artist apparently doesn't seem to understand the proper use of an apostrophe'. "DIE FAG'S" doesn't make any sense, as FAG'S would be a possessive, it should read "DIE FAGS", FAGS being a plural, meaning more than one. Idiot.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

What the US Postal Service Does in My Mailbox at Least Twice a Week...

And another thing that pisses me off.., after about 100 years of removing a 1/2 a pound of SHIT (worthless needless unwarranted un-asked for US MAIL SPAM..), I'm sick of it. Sick and tired. There should be a law, we have a "No-Call (phone) List".., and "spamming" our e-mail inboxes is supposedly a crime, I mean, "officials" do go after spammers now and then and make a big splash in the news whenever they nab one.., why can't there be a "NO SHIT IN MY MAILBOX OTHER THAN REAL MAIL ADDRESSED TO ME AND NOT OCCUPANT" law. It would be nice but I doubt it would get anywhere, the shit that ends up in our mailboxes is paid to be put there by the ones distributing the afore mentioned, SHIT. Credit card applications would fall under this category as well.., ANNOYING SHIT. I get tired of twice a week having to detour to the dumpster with an armload of SHIT and I get REAL sick and tired of having to either tear-up or waste time shredding a dozen credit card apps a week THAT I HAVE NEVER EVER ASKED FOR. To the credit card companies.., SHOVE THOSE CREDIT APPS RIGHT UP YOUR COLLECTIVE GREEDY CORPORATE ASSHOLES. Thank you.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Paper or Plastic?

The most annoying question I can think of at the moment, I get asked it at least once or twice a day.., and every single time some poor boxboy (bag-person) mindlessly apes those 3 little words that grate against my very soul.. "Paper or plastic..?", I want to say "Just put it in a goddam bag and get me the FUCK outa here..". I've been swearing for years I'm gonna have "I just don't care", tattooed on my forehead.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Saturday morning 9am.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Cool Ride.

2007 Suzuki sx4 Sport 5spd AWD.

The Jap Cat Song.

For Tsumotsu.
(film clip courtesy iFilm)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

You Never Wanted Any Pics of Us Together...

My Japanese friend Tsumotsu (who moved to Seattle about 6 months ago to start a new life and follow his dreams) left me a message earlier today, he seemed clearly irritated that I would post a pic of myself and a guy that I knew 6 years before I met him (see post below in "100 Ways to Make Love/Monogamy").

I would love to post a pic or 2 of my friend Tsumotsu, and even a pic or 2 of the two of us.., if had I any (of the 2 of us). I've got a few pics of Tsumotsu, a nice one of him holding our cat.., a whole bunch of him when he got his Masters Degree in whatever it was he was Mastering in, and a couple choice pics of him sitting on the toilet. But nothing of the 2 of us (and he's told me to NEVER post a pic of him on the ol' blogorama anyway..).

Oh well, dear. The picture of me and "J" was just for effect anyway, in the blog segment about making love and monogamy. I've had pics of "J" on my main site (not this one) for the past several years anyway, and well, it is a nice pic... Sorry dear, if I had one of us, and if you didn't mind, I would have posted it.